Ms. Drummond is another work of sh!^ from Parkland hospital pain clinic.

My wife had been seeing another doctor (who was an absolute god send) for the past 5 months. He had her on (3) Hydrocodone pain pills per day to get through until she could get into the G.I department which is now coming up in June. It is a blocked bile duct that is causing a backup of bile making her feel like she is having a gallbladder attack. She has to have a procedure called an E.R.C.P.

she had one done a few years ago and they removed a benign mass. The bile backed up so bad at one time that it irritated her pancreas and she was in God awful pain and developed Pancreatitus (i probably spelled it wrong) Any way Ms. Drummond walked into the room at the pain clinic and said " my name is dr. drummond I am taking over for the doctor you were seeing because he has been moved.

I am going to wean you down off the pain pills to (2) a day then (1) a day. Any questions" My wife was so tired she just looked at the floor so I said *** yeah I got a question. How can you do this when the plan was to keep her comfortable until the G.I. appt.

which is only 3 months away! She said "Well, im just telling you what I am going to do." I said mam she has not eaten a solid meal in 2 years. She survives on ensure, she has constant pain and lays in bed with a heating pad. G.I.

said they can not possibly get her in early. Well, once again this is my plan. WOW!!!! so the last appointment we went to Ms.

Drummond said "I am concearned that the blood work showed dilauded narcotics in your system. my wife said impossible. Ms. drummond said see it says no hydrocodone but positive for dilauded.

I said no possible way ya'll mixed her urine up by mistake. Her answer was "well my dear, we label the urine so it is what it is." My wife said mam when I left the urine was still on the table with no label on it. Her response was "well this does not concern me, it's not like we are going to tell anyone" I said it concerns us! What would you do if that was your test showing a heavy narcotic and it's going on your medical record.

Ms. Drummond said "Well I would say o.k. if thats what it said" I knew that was a lie. Nobody wants that *** in their medical record.

So if you look at my report on Gerald Matchett from Parkland pain clinic you will know we had a meeting with heads of specific areas on May 21, 2013. We can request these test and doctors notes be amended which basically means our word against theirs! Even though if you look at my wifes test from 2010 until now it shows no dilauded but positive for hydrocodone. Now this one test is opposite, given we are in a pain clinic it makes sense that someone their is using dilauded and since the urine was not tagged in front of us it makes sense that it was an honest mistake on their end!

However, that mistake is now a permanent record! ANYONE GOING TO PARKLAND PAIN clinic make sure they mark your urine in front of you! Please learn from our mistake! If you have Dr.

Drummond, she is a skinny blond headed cocky attitude and poor excuse for a doctor, try to switch doctors if you can! Nothing I wrote is false or exaggerated. PLEASE protect yourself.

I know it is hard and I know you are hurting and sick and just want help but a bad note on your medical record last far longer than an uncomfortable situation. Please learn from us!

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